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Over the Alps with Fuji X-Series

Over the Alps with Fuji X-Series

Do you know the photographers on their motorbike at the Tour de France? We did the same at the Rad Race Tour de Friends this September to follow a special bicycle race over the alps. Harsh weather, a special situation on a motorbike, streets open for traffic and a new camera system pushed us to the limits.

This September I had the great opportunity to be one of the official photographers of Rad Race’s first edition – Tour de Friends. A four day stage race over the alps. It was the first real test for my new Fuji X-T2 System and pushed me through the limits. We experienced all weather conditions you can think of in the mountains and, of course, four whole days on the motorbike and editing under real time pressure after each day. While every photographer who did the tour by car, could always import their stuff during their drive, we always were on the bike and fought with the serpentines. For me it was important to have a plan what kind of photos I want to take. We had the great luck that we had no special mission how to shoot. They just wanted our different styles. Normally I shoot trail running, running and cycling. For these sports I never wanted to have a big system to carry with me.

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